"Nechang" live from Club Drop in Osaka

Japan Tour Introduction

Japan Tour Introduction

Japan Tour Schedule Update

All Dates w/ Jeff Carey + Warm&Comfy

April 11th Ladder Ladder, Chichibu, Saitama w/ s-explode / yoshida takuma × マサキオンザマイク / flying izna drop / in the sun
16:30 17:00
adv¥1500 door¥1800

April 12th Club Goodman , Akihabara, Tokyo w/ illMilliliter / Otori / bossston cruizing mania / LOA / Emily Likes Tennis
16:30 17:00
adv:¥2000 door:¥2500

April 13th 20000v(Niman Volts), Koenji, Tokyo w/ Groundcover / Jebiotto / LOOLOWNINGEN & THE FAR EAST IDIOTS / The Job
17:00 17:30
adv:¥2000 door:¥2300

April 14th UrbanGuild, Kyoto w/ Marron / あたしよしこ+伊藤誠(FairoVanz)+藤田開(羽根より軽い命)+ルイ・リロイ・田中
adv:? door:?

April 15th Para-dice,Tenjinbashi,Osaka w/ 333bababa / Ittanbu

April 16th Club Drop,Shinsaibashi Osaka w/ ABLAZED / REAR RIDEN / No-plaN
17:30 18:00
adv: ¥2000 door: ¥2500

Japan Tour Poster by James Woodard

Japan Tour Poster by James Woodard

10 Years And Going Strong

This month marks the 10 year anniversary of Montgomery Drive.

From the bottom of my heart I really just want to say thank you to all of you. It has been an absolute privilege and pleasure for me to entertain you over the last decade. There are no words that can truly express my gratitude for your support so if there is only one thing you take away from this I really just want it to be this:

The most important thing to me was that we all had fun together and that none of you that ever came to see me ever went home feeling disappointed or like you didn’t get your money’s worthI love you and I’m really looking forward to our next decade together.


 Montgomery Drive

Upcoming Japan Tour Dates


April 11th, 2014 - LadderLadder - Saitama

April 12th, 2014 - Club Goodman - Tokyo 

April 13th, 2014 - 20000v - Tokyo

April 14th, 2014 - UrBanguild - Kyoto

April 15th, 2014 - Para-dice - Osaka

April 16th, 2014 - Club Drop - Osaka


Post Tour Update

The latest adventure has come to an end and now I find myself back home. As expected, the tour was amazing. Mike Young set me up with some excellent shows at the intimate Club K in Baltimore.

My final concert of the tour was at Club K for Baltimore Boredom #3 (this is an experimental music night Mike Young created for Club K that was inspired by Tokyo Boredom). The ridiculous lineup included: S-Explode, The Beautiful Ni, Tideland, Miz’Ries, Sexgender, Jeff Carey, and Impatience Machine. All the bands were extraordinary and I truly feel privileged to have shared the stage with each and every one of them. Moreover, midnight marked the 1 year anniversary of Club K.

It was so great to reconnect and play with S-Explode again. Unbelievably it has already been a little over 2 years since we toured Japan the week following the devastating Earthquake/Tsunami in 2011. Since our meeting, I’ve always felt like we had this special unbreakable bond and friendship so it was wonderful to rekindle that. Furthermore, I played a full 40 minute set!

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The Sun Trails Album

My Band, Sun Trails Just Released Our New Album

It Is Exclusively On Our BandCamp Page.

Listen To The Album By Clicking Here.

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Digital Distribution

Life On A Seesaw Is Now Available Through:


Google Play



+ Many More Digital Outlets

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Post Tour Update

Tour has concluded, and I’m back in the sunshine state. Although at times I found myself feeling extremely cold, the wonderful people, places, and performances warmed me up. 

The first night in Baltimore was a blast. I made lots of new friends at Club K over some cans of National Bohemian beer, a bottle of Soju, and a pitcher of Somac. After eating my first real Philly Cheesesteak at Pat’s in Philadelphia, I had the pleasure and privilege of performing at the Sprinkle Kingdom. The performance at the Sprinkle Kingdom was intimate to say the least. I stood in the living room surrounded by people sitting on the floor, proceeded to drink a 40oz, and played a special extended set for everyone. At midnight in Philadelphia we also began celebrating Mike Young, of Echo Hey Hello’s, birthday. The following night, we continued Mike’s birthday celebration in Baltimore, performing at the spectacular Club K. The show was awesome. There were so many people who showed up, that the club hit capacity very early in the night. Overall, I have zero complaints about the tour. It was another fun and successful tour with excellent bands. I took a lot of pictures and videos, which will all be posted here soon. 

Additionally, my latest release Life On A Seesaw will be available through numerous retailers including: Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Last.FM, Rhapsody, Zune, eMusic and other various outlets very soon.

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